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After some disastrous false starts at some of the other bridal stores, my husband-to-be told me to go and check out Voon as he had seen a dress through the window and what can I say, the friendly welcome given to me by Bridget was all I needed to know that I had found the place I wanted to get my dress from!
They helped me customise my two-piece dream dress and got it all done in only a few short months.
I can not recommend them enough for their professionalism, beautiful designs, and for just being friendly.
Thank you so much Voon for being wonderful.
xx Jessie


I was so relieved the moment I walked into the shop and started having fun! Bridget made mine and girl friends experience of trying and buying a wedding dress SO enjoyable. In the run up to our trip to Wellington I had mixed feelings about finding a dress and found the idea incredibly daunting but as soon as we started mixing and matching in the shop it became hugely enjoyable and quickly found dresses I felt confident in. Bridget was also great at keeping on top of my emails and the whole process was easy, friendly and professional.

Even though there was quite a few dresses I loved, Everyone agrees that I found the perfect one in the end and I have had countless amounts of complements. Thank you for making such a beautiful wedding dress, wearing it felt luxurious and comfortable - a combination I didn't know could exist and I feel honored to wear such amazing lace which complemented the surrounding beautifully.


I loved the experience of shopping for my wedding dress at Voon. It was so much more me and felt so much more comfortable than other bridal stores I had been to. It was a relief to have someone like Bridget, so calm and easy-going, helping me through the process. Loved my dress and had heaps of comments about it being such an elegant wedding dress. Thank you so much :)


Thank you so much to the team at Sophie Voon Bridal who over two days managed to make the most amazing wedding dress for my special day. The experience and service was one of a kind and stress free. Special thanks to Prida and Di for there perfection in detail and open mind.

Can't wait to wear it :)

Thanks again



Thank you for being so patient with me and coming up with multiple ideas/suggestions when I wasn't sure about something. Thank you for taking such amazing care of my Mum's dress and lace and creating the most stunning, perfect dress for me. You are so talented and i was lucky that you were able to make it for me!