Our Lockdown Photoshoot!

Over the weekend our family set ourselves the challenge of putting together the best bridal photoshoot we could, obeying all the rules, staying at home and only with people in our bubble.

I had a half made dress that I had been working on in the studio, which I grabbed the night before lockdown. I had managed to finish this off on my domestic sewing machine and with lots of hand sewing while sitting in the sunshine.

My oldest daughter Poppy set to work doing hair and make up for my younger daughter Olive who was to be the model and with my husband Douglas as photographer and baby Oak as moral support, we headed down our property to a wilderness area we have always called “The Secret Garden” .

Interestingly enough, the Francis Hodgson book of the same name begins with a cholera epidemic wiping out the family of young Mary Lennox, who is then sent away to live with a wealthy uncle at Misselthwaite Manor in Yorkshire. Among other elements of the plot the eventual discovery of a hidden garden, all overgrown (yet brimming with possibilities) gives rise to a completely transformative experience as she, and her sickly cousin Colin shift their focus to the restoration of the secret garden and, as a result their own personal restoration unfolded!

We were greeted by a few curious fantails who were keen to join our bubble and although we tried to get them into the photos with the dress, they were always a bit too quick.

The sun was streaming through the trees creating a beautiful dappled light and we had fun working together as a family on a project for our business, using what we had at hand. Everyone did a great job, we are really happy with the photos we took and went away with some happy lockdown memories as well.


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