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Today we have the cheerful wedding of Bronwyn and Ryan to share with you! Bronwyn and Ryan enjoyed a fun day of celebrations, taking their photos in a beautiful vineyard. "Everyone was laughing, all the time. It was wonderful to be surrounded by happiness and love." Bronwyn chose a gorgeous red gown for their wedding day. It featured a delicate floral lace, and a flowing chiffon skirt - the colour was just incredible on her! A friend made tiny rosebud clips from a piece of Bronwyn's lace - perfectly complimenting her elegant hair do. ​Ryan and his best man Andy, had some of the red chiffon as a pocket squares - giving a nice pop of colour to their dark suits. "I'm pretty low maintenance, and wanted a dress that was affordable, that I'd be able to wear again at some point, was comfortable, and made me feel good about myself. I knew that I didn't want to be married in white, and the red of the fabric was just gorgeous!"

Congratulations Ryan and Bronwyn! Photography by Emma Hatch and Doug Rothery Bridal gown by Sophie Voon Bridal

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