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We are delighted to share beautiful images with you today of Chloe and Jono's special day.

Chloe and Jono were lucky to enjoy Wellington living up to it's name of "You can't beat Wellington on a good day" on their wedding day, with clear blue skies during the day and a beautiful sunset over the harbour as they enjoyed their first dance. "Being a Wellingtonian I love my coffee, so during our photoshoot we stopped in at a cafe in Llyal bay to grab a coffee. We took our bridal party, drivers, and photographers. It was so much fun and the staff and patrons loved seeing us all dressed up." They opted for a simple and elegant style for their wedding, accented with beautiful flowers prepared by Chloe's Grandmother and Mother, and bouquets for the bridal party made by a friend. When it came time to choose a wedding dress, Chloe wanted a dress that was unique, beautiful, and featured touches of tradition with lace and ribbon, with a modern twist. Chloe chose a romantic lace gown, with a sweetheart neckline, lace straps, and full skirt. She finished her look with a simple silk sash, and fine jewellery.

"I wasn't keen on going to a bridal store where you just pick off the shelf, I wanted to make it mine. Sophie Voon allowed me to pick a beautiful dress and make it mine. I am still in love with my dress 9 months after our wedding."

"When my husband first saw me coming towards down the aisle was a beautiful moment. I knew he was the right choice and he had so much love for me in his eyes. He had been waiting a long time to see my "princess dress", which I was very excited to show him."

"Scary moment of the day was when we were getting some photos taken at the top of the hill by the old army barracks. A big gust of wind caught my veil, pulling it right out of my hair and getting caught in a tree overhanging a cliff! My husbands best man went rushing over and very carefully peeled it out, and it was totally undamaged!! Photographers didn't manage to capture it though!"

"Best day of our lives, went without a glitch and my Sophie Voon dress was my dream dress come true. Thanks to the wonderful staff who helped." Congratulations Chloe and Jono! Photography by Josiah Watson Bridal gown by Sophie Voon Bridal

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