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We often have brides pop in store who are after a dress for their wedding day that they can also enjoy for years to come. Dominika had been to Sophie Voon several times as a bridesmaid. "Everyone in store was always so wonderful that I knew Voon was where I wanted to go for my own dress...I had always wanted a dress that I could wear again after my wedding (which I did six weeks after the wedding to an awards dinner)."

Dominika and Elliot were married in Martinborough in the peak of summer. They chose an intimate wedding ceremony and celebration, with 7 guests total, in the shade of a beautiful olive grove.

"We were so lucky by only having 7 guests we were able to spend the day showing our families all our favourite things in Martinborough, including starting our wedding with an olive oil tasting and then following our ceremony being able to take them to Poppies (our favourite vineyard) for a wine tasting and lunch. Our wedding day was about being able to spend the day together doing the things we love to do. It was such a fun day when we talk to people we tell them we'd do it all again in a second."

"Our wedding was the most relaxed I've ever been at a wedding. I think we surprised our guests a few times. One particular moment people weren't expecting was the signing of the register which we did using a clipboard and leaning on the others back. Not something any of our guests had seen at a wedding before that's for sure (Dad did that very dad thing where he thought it was funny so started clapping!)"

"For me having a dress that I felt like me in was really important. A traditional wedding dress just didn't feel right and I was so lucky that the ladies at Sophie Voon are so supportive of finding what's right for you" What a fabulous day! Congratulations Dominika and Elliot! Wedding Dress by Sophie Voon Bridal Photography by Sarah McEvoy Photography

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