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Robyn's dress was made from a piece of lace which was once on her mother's dress and had been lovingly stored in acid-free paper for years.

The vintage lace was made of rows of daisies and had a fun 1960's look to it.

Robyn fell in love with the soft tulle on our Swan Lake Dress and the shape of one of our little lace tops. We decided to combine these ideas to create a dress that was unique to Robyn and just right for her special day.

As usual, there initially appeared to be more lace than was actually possible to work with, but thankfully the style of the daisies lent themselves to easily being able to be cut and replaced where we needed them to be.

Robyn's Mum was thrilled to see her lace in her daughter's wedding dress and it bought back memories of her own gown from 1966.

Photos by Brady Dyer.

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