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'I was so relieved the moment I walked into the shop and started having fun! Bridget made mine and girlfriends experience of trying and buying a wedding dress SO enjoyable. In the run-up to our trip to Wellington, I had mixed feelings about finding a dress and found the idea incredibly daunting but as soon as we started mixing and matching in the shop it became hugely enjoyable and I quickly found dresses I felt confident in. Bridget was also great at keeping on top of my emails and the whole process was easy, friendly and professional.

Even though there were quite a few dresses I loved, everyone agrees that I found the perfect one in the end and I have had countless amounts of compliments.

Thank you for making such a beautiful wedding dress, wearing it felt luxurious and comfortable - a combination I didn't know could exist and I feel honoured to wear such amazing lace which complemented the surrounding beauty.' 

Our Wedding Day 302.JPG
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